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Rarepair Shorts Prompt Table (Take Two)

So, though I haven't posted here for a while, I have definitely still been thinking about fic a tonne! I've been focusing more on original fiction, which is great for my original fictions goals, but I've definitely been missing fic-writing! I want to get back into it, and I figure fic-drabbles are a relatively low-pressure way to get into it. Hence, the rarepair_shorts prompt table challenge!

Now, I have actually signed up for this challenge before, but a) I crashed and burned spectacularly on that one, and b) I am not even remotely interested in the pairing that I signed up for, which was... Draco/Luna. Haha! It's really quite funny how quickly your tastes can change, since I think that I signed up for it around this time last year, but I honesty can't even begin to imagine them as a couple... I blame frnklymrshnkly for giving me way (way, way, way) too many amazing Drarry recs since then. :p

In any case, I am starting over with a new couple that I've always had this funny little soft-spot for: Harry/Cedric! I think it'll present a lot of fun challenges and opportunities to be creative, so yep! Here is the prompt table I've chosen to go with:

HP Rare-Pair Challenge
Author: queenvandal
Pairing: Harry/Cedric
Progress: 0/13

1. never really existed
2. to run great risk
3. misnomer
4. for what it's worth
5. that's what almost happened
6. raspberries
7. family history
8. folly
9. the same experience for you
10. some people stay
11. severe repercussions
12. pining for normalcy
13. diagnosis

I'm going to set a soft timeline for this, which is one prompt fill per week. Definitely accomplishable, I think. I'll update this table with links to my fills, so stay tuned! :D
I am an unstoppable force when it comes to Drarry recs. :D I hope you're having fun with the rare pairs!
It's soo true!! I am having a lot of fun with my rare pairs, although, of course, I somehow ended up writing over 1k of an older Drarry fic last night... XD